Black Velvet

After Black Friday ~ Black Velvet.

Black velvet is one of Life’s most sensual pleasures.

If they were starting their careers today, Rockwell and Picasso would probably both be painting on black velvet.  ~  Brad Holland

95-041016230113There’s a drink called Black Velvet, made from half Champagne and half Guinness.  Poured properly the two liquids stay separate in the glass ~ until one begins to quaff that is.  (Quaffing is like drinking except you get drunker and spill more.)  Allegedly first made by the bartender at Brooks’s in London in 1861, this cocktail is almost guaranteed to make any lady quite amatory.  There’s something quite sorcerous about Black Velvet.  To complete the evening get her a Black Velvet choker.

A very nice Canadian whisky is also called Black Velvet.  Trust me, this is as smooth and dark as its name suggests.  One of the nicer things about some Canadians is that they can spell whisky.

Black Velvet is also a very cool song, first recorded by Alannah Myles ~ and subsequently sung by anyone and everyone who thinks they have a voice.  And sadly, anyone who has been drinking black velvet in a karaoke bar.

I’m not certain I can recommend the rock magazine Black Velvet, but at least there’s an on-line digital issue.

All women look good wearing black velvet.  In fact, does the classic LBD look any better than when it’s a black velvet Little Black Dress?  Is there anything sexier than Christian Louboutin Black Velvet evening shoes?

I know there are 1001 other products, stores, bars, cosmetics, girls… trading under the name Black Velvet.  Some of these are better found for yourself.  Some of these are better left alone.

If a guy wants to be a very cool guy, then he needs to sharpen up his urban survival skills and learn stuff like this.


cranstonjack collier



2 responses

  1. Years ago, I saw your Alannah Myles in concert. She opened for Robert Plant. If memory serves, it was his tour to promote the album Manic Nirvana.
    The young Canadian singer took the stage in a nude body suit and black chaps. Leather, not velvet.
    Sadly, I was not impressed.
    But I so love this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like this track, maybe Ms. Myles’ voice has improved with age. As it happens I like Robert Plant too. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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