Without a Woman

All last week I’ve looked and felt like something from a Halloween Fright Night.

That’s down to some distressing personal news I received, followed by a very heavy intake of bad booze and worse food.  I got extremely sick, and upset someone I care for ~ again.

All I hope is the story expressed in this song hasn’t come true.

Senza Una Donna ~ Zucchero & Paul Young

Please listen responsibly.


P1040490jack collier



10 responses

  1. Mr Collier – I do not like this post 😦 Hope you are back on the wagon and you have fastened the seat belt. Sorry to hear you have had bad news.

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    1. Much better now. Partying doesn’t agree with me anymore.


      1. glad you are better. Cut out the partying.

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  2. I hope you’re all right.

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    1. Much better now, thank you.

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      1. Good to hear. Best wishes for the week ahead.


  3. Best album I ever bought…at a Starbucks no less….take care…you know what’s good for you💕


    1. No, booze has never worked for me, not once.

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