Food on Friday # 47 ~ Slow Cooker

Here in England the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness in truly upon us.  Outside my garret the temperature is about 50 degrees, and there’s a brisk wind to encourage the adoption of hat, scarf, and gloves.   For me, that means that salads are pretty much a thing of the past until April 2017.  Instead, the crockpot or slow cooker makes a return.

For anyone with a busy lifestyle, this is good news.  Meals can be prepared in the evening, left pretty much to their own devices while you’re at work, and you’ll have at hot dinner when you get home.  Better still, the leftovers will probably make you another couple of meals for later on during the week.

You may have to get smart with the timer, but what the heck!  This is not rocket science.

First up this week we have from Tieghan Gerad from Half Baked Harvest, with her crockpot beef chili.  I love that Tieghan calls her kitchen ‘the barn’.  So? I call where I live ‘the garret’.


Crockpot Beef Chili

I am definitely going to try this next dish from Damn Delicious.  Chungah makes this slow cooker chicken and corn chowder look great.


Slow Cooker Chicken and Corn Chowder

I know that some of you really like dishes from The Pioneer Woman, well I found this slow cooker Asian chicken lettuce cups recipe via Heather Christo.  If it’s still warm enough where you live to have a salad, this is a great mixture of crockpot and crisp salad ingredients.


Slow Cooker Asian Chicken Lettuce Cups

Next, something really interesting from the lovely Averie, slow cooker stuffed  pepper soup.  I like stuffed peppers, and the thought of making them in a soup form sounds fabulously warming for a cold autumn night.


Slow Cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup

Now, a recipe I found by accident when I was looking for something else.  From Love Food Eat based in Bangalore in India, Chinmayie gives us a vegetarian dish; shell bean vegetable soup.  Looks fantastic.


Shell Bean Vegetable Soup

So, from English girl Petra at Food Eat Love, we have something that’s as far away from Chinmayie’s bean soup as you can get; cured, slow, prosecco chipotle cooked, pulled brisket.  I have to try this.


Cured Slow Cooked Pulled Brisket

Nicky is from Cheshire in England, and on her site Kitchen Sanctuary she has this great recipe for slow cooked Scottish beef stew.  Nicky says it’s perfect for Burns Night, which is long past, but I think it’s also perfect for Halloween, which is almost upon us.  Halloween is really a Scottish festival anyway.


Slow Cooked Scottish Beef Stew

My friend from Orange County really likes me to include a recipe collection in Food on Friday, so finally for this week from Midwestliving we have 35 favourite chicken slow cooker recipes, including this red wine braised chicken.


Red Wine Braised Chicken

You should also check out my earlier post; Food on Friday #24, which is also a slow cooker.


liebster-12A very big thank you to everyone featured today.

Jack Collier

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