Money ~ Health

You are your own biggest asset.

A week or so ago I was at the dentist to have a bad tooth extracted.  This should be a simple procedure, but most of this tooth had already broken off and the young dentist didn’t think he tould extract it by normal methods.  So, he used a probe and tried to lever / pull it out.  Then he used the probe, a lot of strength, and a small hammer.  That mostly didn’t work.  All that happened was that more and more of the tooth got broken off.

So, he took some more X-rays and referred me to the local dental hospital for surgery.

My first consultation is in a month’s time.

In the meantime I have some pain, I’m taking antibiotics, and strong pain medication.  For a couple of days I tried adding booze to that mixture, which was a stupidly disastrous idea.

I can’t eat, can’t sleep, struggle to drink anything, struggle to talk, and thinking is a problem.  It’s going to take weeks to sort this out.  In this condition I could not safely work.  Even in England, the cost of dentistry / medical bills / travel will be high.  My immediate personal plans are up in the air.

This is all my own fault for putting off routine dentistry, and allowing dentists to do what they wanted to do, (cosmetic work), instead of what was really important.  I did not take responsibility for my own health.

Without good health your financial situation is uncertain.

We should look after our own health;

  1. Don’t smoke, drink excessively, or abuse drugs.
  2. Take sensible exercise, eat properly, and get plenty of sleep.
  3. Don’t neglect routine healthcare.

But, most importantly, we should take full responsibility for our own health, and don’t just accept everything the ‘professionals’ tell us.  The healthcare system doesn’t have as much invested in our own health as we do.

In one way or another poor health will cost you a fortune and destroy the quality of your life.



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  1. Hi Geordie, just sending a little poem which you can put in the blog if you like. Hope you are keeping well Gillian

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