Immigration Is Bad For Your Pocket


Racism, ethnicity, race, colour, religion, creed, compassion, ethics, politics, bigotry; this is about none of these important issues.  This is Monday, and this post is about one thing, and one thing only ~ Money.  What effect does immigration have on your pocket-book?

Let me make one thing very clear; if you are an average native-born citizen of a developed country, then immigration is a bad thing for your health, wealth and happiness.  That is the case whether the immigrants are legal or illegal.

For a start, immigration means you will pay higher taxes, and / or your government will need to borrow more money.  Immigrants cost local, regional, and national governments a fortune.  This is largely due to the cost of educating their children, (and in Britain the cost of providing health care and social security benefits).  Therefore, immigration means you are financially worse off due to higher taxes.

Despite what officialdom would like you to believe, immigrants are responsible for a disproportionate amount of criminal activity, especially sex crimes and crimes of violence.  In some German towns, there has been a huge increase in the number of sexual assaults, rapes, and child rapes; mostly down to immigrants who cannot assimilate into the local culture.  Across all developed countries this is costing you a fortune in policing, social work, court costs, etc.  And it doesn’t make people happy.

Most immigrants have larger families than the indigenous populations of developed countries, both in terms of young children and elderly relatives.  This costs you a lot of money.  Look at one issue, education.  All the young children brought into your country by immigrants need schooling.  This means 3 things, class sizes get bigger, more schools and teachers are needed, and your own children’s’ education suffers.  This is costing you and your children a lot of money, now and in years to come.

In the workplace; most immigrants, (especially asylum seekers), are unskilled, cannot speak your language, and are willing to work for low wages in the black economy.  This drives down wages, and that means local workers either get paid less or lose their jobs.  Also, the quality of the work turned in cannot be guaranteed.  Would you want an uncertified immigrant repairing your gas boiler?  All of this turmoil in the workplace is costing you money.

As for Healthcare; there are two main effects.  Firstly, immigration means more pressure on healthcare services, especially as immigrant families tend to include more older people in ill-health, more younger children, and more people with nasty complaints, such as TB.  Secondly, there are large numbers of immigrants working in our health services, and their command of English is often appalling.  This affects your health and well-being as well as your pocket-book.

It goes on and on.  Translating official documents into other languages, immigrants driving dangerous and uninsured cars, immigrants wanted on criminal charges in their native land, immigrants claiming social security payments, pressure on housing, electricity, gas, water, sewage…  All of that hits you in your pocket-book.

Financially, immigration is a bad thing for the average citizen.  Even if it means you can get a cute Asian mail order bride.  And you know what?  Hardly anybody will like me for saying that.

I always tell it like it really is.


alcoholic-latina-womanthese views are mine and mine alone


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