Scenes on Sunday # 11

This Sunday I offer yet more ‘scape pictures from my library.  ‘scape pictures, what in the world are ‘scape pictures?  Seascapes, cloudscapes, landscapes, cityscapes, roadscapes, or pictures of Venice.  Venice California.  I thought I might like to build and live there, (notice the vacant lot), then I thought about all that water and that there might be more than a few mosquitos.  Everyone hates a mosquito.

On the other hand, most girls like wandering around cool places like Venice.  Women are very curious about how other people live.  A man has to love that.

All these shots were taken with a compact LUMIX Panasonic DMC-AS3 camera.  This camera is so lightweight, small, and smart that it’s good  for taking everywhere.












liebster-12Pictures of some really high-end homes,

and an egret, in Venice by jack collier

and the cute girl riding shotgun

3 responses

  1. Vacant lot is not visible😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the last picture, behind the chain-link fence


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