Money ~ making it work

CamperIt’s one o’clock in the morning, summer in England, night in Palm Springs, and wherever it’s getting light already, and the rain is probably hammering down.  Not when you’d want to think about money, unless you are flat broke.  However, if you are lucky and sensible you have a little money put aside for a rainy day.

What should we do if we have some spare cash?  Given that we are not going to rush out and buy a Porsche.  But why not buy a sports car?  Why put your money in the bank at all?

Take it from a man who has worked in banking and finance since God was a boy, the last thing you should do with your hard-earned is give it to a bank to look after.  Basically banks, financial advisors, and money managers are parasites, living off the cash you have legitimately earned and offering fuck all not very much in return.

Right now any money sitting in a bank account is just wasting away.  The $1,000 you put in a bank today will, in real terms, be worth a lot less than $700 when you come to take it out again in ten years time  It’s all down to inflation, which is the biggest confidence trick Governments and the Finance Industry have up their incestuous sleeves.

There are a few things we can do to make our money work for us.

  1. Pay off every single debt you have.
  2. Add to your pension fund.
  3. Property / real estate.
  4. The stock market.
  5. Start a business.
  6. Have fun.

I have no ambition to be the richest corpse in the cemetery, which means I ignore rules 1 and 2 above, (sort of, but then I know what I’m doing).  However, making your money really work for you means that you have to take over responsibility from the blood-sucking banks and financial advisors.

So, do not sit with debts to your name, work at a company with a good pension plan, do not rent where your live, buy your own home.  Over time, done wisely, buying your home is the best investment you can make.  However, realtors, estate agents, property firms are another bunch of useless parasites, but I’ll go into that in a week or so.

Never, ever, pay anyone for doing something you can do for yourself.  And do you know what?  Over the years I have discovered that most folks can do anything they put their minds to, including financial management.

Buying into the stock market is a big issue.  And I will cover that next week.  In the mean time, you worked damn hard to earn your money, don’t neglect it now.



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  1. Sound advice good sir. ^_^

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    1. I hope so much that you are a girl. ❤

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      1. Apologies good sir, but I am not. I am very much a guy. ^_^


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