have you ever been in love?


have you ever wondered if today would have been a good day to stay in bed?

have you ever replayed her words over again and again inside your head?

have you ever wondered just why she lied, when she foolishly denied?

have you never cried, wondering  just why a little of you died?

and then Leo Sayer sings ~ have you ever been in love?



please listen to all the lyrics responsibly





5 responses

  1. Sometimes love hurts, but isn’t the WONDERFUL worth it? 💋

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    1. Thank you, wonderfully kind Lady. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Just a lady that hopes you find happiness in life. 💋


  2. The worst part about a lie found out is that it reveals that we are thought, at best, second to the lie-er. That may often be true, but the failure to hide it hurts and causes distrust, if not hopelessness. Ah, love. I wish one could simply ask, “What would Calvin (of cartoon fame) do?” His answer (beside “Girlz stink” and “No girlz allowed!”) would be a fun diversion. I love Leo’s music. 🙂 And, this hug is for (((you)))!

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    1. A mental hug from you is a pearl beyond price. ❤

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