Food on Friday # 40 ~ Bars

Cookies, biscuits, cakes, muffins ~ that kind of thing.  Not the kind of bar where they serve booze, although in England we call those pubs, and in England muffin isn’t the same thing as in America, (depending on the sort of bar you frequent).

However, these recipes for biscuits, bars, muffins, and stuff, are mostly from American cooks, and they are all brilliant.  Which is more than I can say for the kind of American bar where they serve booze, which uniformly aren’t brilliant.  In all my time I’ve only been in one US bar that wasn’t pretty grungy, The Red Monkey off 5th in NYC, and in my day that was a gay bar.

But I digress, reformed drinkers do.

First this week from the lovely San Diego girl Averie Sunshine we have toffee almond bars, and I bet these will be brilliant with a nice cup of tea.


Toffee Almond Bars


From the Queen of My Kitchen, (aka Mona), we have this delicious looking, (and gluten free), lemon blueberry cornmeal shortcake.  (I think we call this shortbread in England, but then I’m just a bloke).


Lemon Blueberry Cornmeal Shortcake


Wow!  In America you have National Cheesecake day!  Only in America…  I digress, from Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower we have mixed berry buttermilk muffins ~ (buttermilk isn’t something we get in England either.)


Mixed Berry Buttermilk Muffins


I have a big problem with this next recipe from Elise at Simply Recipes.  These carmelitas look so tasty and chewy that I want some, ad I want some now!  But on my weight loss programme….?  That’s never going to work.  Or, perhaps I could only eat one small bar…..?




My friend in Orange County is certain to like these bars, given that she loves almonds and cacao nibs.  But, can I see her making these chewy cherry, almond and cacao nib granola bars ~ given to us by Teighan Gearard at Half Baked Harvest?   Nope, no chance, even those these would make a great sugar snack for those sleepy afternoons at the office.


Chewy Cherry, Almond And Cacao Nib Granola Bars


When is it a bar, and when is it a cookie?  Or, is it all about the shape?  In England we call them all biscuits anyway.  Canadian / Seattle girl Heather, the Flourishing Foodie, calls them oatmeal cookies, but bake the recipe in a flat tray and they’re bars…  This is such a good contribution toward The Great Oatmeal Debate, that it would be a shame not to include it today.


Oatmeal Cookies


I’m pretty certain my friend in sunny SoCal likes both oatmeal and berries, so perhaps she’ll try this easy recipe from Chungah at Damn Delicious.  These berry medley oatmeal bars would be a damn delicious snack for a sleepy afternoon at the office ~ with green tea not coffee.


Berry Medley Oatmeal Bars


liebster-12A great big thank you to all today’s cooks.

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  1. Think you ust be into torture if you are looking and not eating!

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    1. I have a long list of recipes to try. They all look nice…


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