What Men Want


What do men really want?  Exactly what is important to a man?


It’s all much easier to explain than what women really want.  What men really want begins and ends with sex.




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  1. Ask a man what he wants ..he will tell you not
    But its a stance ..
    ask a woman what she likes,she smile at you ,
    not say a word that is true…
    silence is golden 🙂


    1. You can always tell what a man wants ~ most men, present company excepted.


  2. I suspected as much. Now you’ve admitted it.

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  3. I have a sneaking suspicion you’ve simplified it a bit much…

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    1. Oh yes, I missed out the whole self-actualisation paradigm. But basically, for a guy full of testosterone, it’s still mostly all about sex.

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      1. #oversimplified #youdoyou
        #boysareweird #idontunderstandmen #drowningintestosterone #youmakemegiggle

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