What Women Want


What do women want?  Exactly what is important to a woman?

I may have this completely wrong, but this is the best set of answers my male brain could come up with.  On the other hand, this list has been checked and amended, more than once, by real women.

A grown-up woman wants these things;
  1. Fun and laughter, excitement, passion, joie de vivre, a sense of humour.
  2. Protection, safety and security.  Women need to feel warm and safe at all times.
  3. Comfort in a space that is all her own.  A woman’s home should always be ‘her space’.  Women are born homemakers, a man needs to let her get on with that.
  4. Attention, acceptance and understanding, friendship, companionship, trust, and sincere praise.
  5. Independence, freedom, elbow room, scope, respect, being treated as an equal.
  6. An extraordinary, practical, positive, and confident guy who ‘can do’, and is prepared to take the lead.  A man who can fix anything.
  7. Financial Security, women don’t like freeloaders, a man should at least be able to pay his own way.  A real man has ambition, plans, goals, and can always make more than enough to provide for his girl.
  8. A guy who is, at least, their intellectual equal.  Real women don’t like really dumb guys for long.
  9. Grooming, fitness, cleanliness, social skills, but not overkill, not usually a metrosexual pretty-boy, but never a man who smells like a wet dog or obviously seldom showers.
  10. Sex, intimacy, affection, romantic love, lovemaking ~ and sometimes women just want casual sex for the sake of wanting sex.

So, if I’m totally wrong, then I have no hope.  But, if I get 75%, then I’m much smarter than the average bear.


P1040484Me?  I can’t carry a tune in a bucket,
and you can trust me on that one.

4 responses

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  2. The sex has to be great. You left that part out. Bad sex can get you dumped.

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    1. So I have been told, more than once. I once got dumped for not having sex at all, but then I was a very young and naive chap at the time… Anyhow, you are absolutely right and thank you.

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  3. You and your bear know what’s up. 🙂

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