Marcos Mantis ~ Sex on Wheels


As good-looking as a high-priced hooker, and with the same kind of sex appeal.  (Just think of a 2/3 scale Corvette Stingray.)  Sex appeal is the one damn good reason to own a Marcos.  It’s not a self-effacing little car.


This thing started life in 1964 with a plywood chassis, (later replaced with steel tubing), and if you’re thinking about buying one of those early cars watch out for wood-rot.  The Mantis is actually a very clever little car, designed by a couple of brilliant guys; Jem Marsh and Frank Costin, (hence MarCos).  It’s as rare as hen’s teeth and a good one will set you back £15,000 or so, which is bloody expensive for a pocket rocket.


The Marcos was built with Ford, Volvo, and Rover engines, but whatever engine is fitted, driving a Marcos is a frightening experience.  It’s lower than your hips and from the driver’s seat the long-long bonnet is just about you can see.


Forget a Marcos if you’re over about 5’9″, fat, and can’t touch your toes.  Getting in and out is not easy.  Once inside it’s a comfortable place to sit, except the seat doesn’t adjust, (the pedal box does), and it will smell of hot plastic, (and perhaps damp carpets / damp leather).

If you like cool cars, you will adore the little Marcos.  If you’re a cool girl / woman, your sex-appeal is geometrically multiplied if you arrive driving a Marcos, although you will flash a lot of leg getting in and out of the thing.  Oh, that’s good for your sex appeal too.

A word of warning, it’s impossible to have sex in a Marcos.

Saying anything else is utterly superfluous.



4 responses

  1. Well, if you can’t have sex in it…what’s the point no matter how sexy a car it is?

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    1. there’s always the long low bonnet, (hood).

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      1. So sex ON the car vs IN the car?


      2. So sex ON the car vs. IN the car?


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