to do today



  1. Alone,  another night without sleep.
  2. Alone, watch the dawn breaking over the sea.
  3. Alone, resolve to do everything I can to make her happy.
  4. Alone, listen to the mournful cry of the wandering seabirds.
  5. Alone, wander along the beach listening to the rhythm of the surf.
  6. Alone, look back and see my footsteps disappear on the tide.
  7. Alone, watch low grey clouds driven by the westerly wind.
  8. Alone, wonder how it all came to this poignant solitude.
  9. Alone, feel the raindrops on my upturned face.
  10. Alone, feel the cold in the air and shiver.


DSCF0013words and pictures by jack collier


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