Magic Often Works

It doesn’t matter if you believe in magic, or not.

What matters is that the magic believes in magic.

There is a magic of the tides, and power in the moon, the stars, and the sea.  If you want to rid yourself of something, write its name in the sand on a falling tide, say your prayer and invocation,  and the sea will carry whatever you have named away from you.



I no longer suffer from insane jealousies.


Today I had a rising tide in my favour.  The rising tide will bring your wish, your prayer, your invocation to you.

Given one prayer, one wish to the Goddess, what should I ask to be brought to me?  What would you write in the sand?



I know how this magic works, at least I think I do.  What I am certain of is that this magic works for me.  And, now I wait.




11 responses

  1. I hope the magic gives you everything you truly need, not necessarily everything you truly desire. 😊

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  2. At the moment, I would have to write “Donald Trump” in the sand. If only I lived near a beach!

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    1. Just make certain you write the name at the ‘right’ time of the tide.

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  3. always believe in the magic for it is real and will only work for those who truly believe 🙂 peace and true love to you, I shall have to try this trick….so many things to ask…hmmmm…now you’ve got my mind racing 🙂

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    1. It seems important to know exactly what you want to rid yourself of, or to gain within yourself. This magic is supposed to work when you want to lose, or gain, people, places, memories, character traits… I firmly believe it won’t work if what one wants is completely selfish, or would harm others… But who cares what I believe, it’s what the magic believes that counts.

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      1. I always think too much so I always know what I want to lose 🙂 I am a big believer in manifesting (thoughts become things) and usually get what I focus on in that aspect….it’s the touchy things like “should I take this job”, etc….that I get wishy washy on. Will work on it though. Thanks Jack, and we do care what you say…or we wouldn’t be reading 🙂 peace and magic, K

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  4. What a beautiful post! I loved the imagery of your words! Everybody has magic in them indeed

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  5. Got to believe in magic! Beautiful saying

    From my iPhone


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  6. cherrytartblog | Reply

    I hope it works for you. Maybe I should try it 🙂

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  7. A @ moylomenterprises | Reply

    Wonderful perspective. Hope the tide brings you your heart’s desire. Great song too ☺

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