swearing in public

Some people are like clouds…

After they Fuck Off it turns into a nice day.


In England, under a law first enacted in 1601. it is still a criminal offence to use offensive language in public.

You wouldn’t think so.  In a recent performance at the Glastonbury Festival popular singer Adele threw 33 expletives at a crowd and television audience which included young children.  Adele couldn’t even get through the opening song of her set without swearing, stopping half way though Hello to shout, ‘You Are F*****G Amazing!’

Adele is a good singer ~ she is also offensive to anyone with an ounce of morals and more intelligence than a gnat.

I may be among a small minority who still find bad language insulting, rude, objectionable, annoying and repellent.  Not only that, bad and offensive language is so ubiquitous on the streets where I live, that you’d think I should be inured when F**k, C**t, T**t, S**t are about every third word in the ignorant speech of the lower classes here.

Recent research by respectable scientists has shown that hearing or reading bad langauge increases stress levels, and promotes very negative reactions, among listeners who have even an iota of common decency.

Sadly, for me at least, it is impossible to escape disgusting language.  People I know habitually swear, people I care for sprinkle their discourse with F**k and S**t, and even on live television I can’t get away from nasty expletives.  (Live television and radio in the UK is really live, there is no inbuilt delay to allow for instant censorship).  A respected BBC presenter said c**t when introducing a politician named Jeremy Hunt ~ although James Naughtie later said it was a mistake.  (That whole sentence is so filled with innuendo as to be ridiculous.)

If I find myself with a group of people where the conversation is filled with bad language, I will just walk away, and cross the offenders off my ‘friends’ lists.  I would do the same thing if I was in a relationship where my partner habitually used cuss words.

To me, men, and especially women, who use bad language are degrading themselves.


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4 responses

  1. I fully agree, though I am guilty of it myself at times.

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  2. Eeeek! But sometimes it just comes out 😩 and I’m like… “Oh Sh*t!”

    I’m impartial to a bit of swearing, but I agree that there is a time and place for it! I absolutely CANNOT tolerate parents swearing in front of their children. This really gets my goat! (Or however the expression goes!)

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    1. ‘Gets my goat’ is a perfectly acceptable expression ~which I can’t ever remember using myself. Just like everybody lies, everybody swears ~ the thing is, there’s a time and place for cuss words. In public and in front of children isn’t the place to delve into the mire of the earthier Anglo-Saxon parts of one’s vocabulary. Personally, I never damn well swear…..


  3. Agree, totally.

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