don’t call me again



in a trailer by the sea

it’s morning, about three

it’s the phone, and it’s her


she says she’s in Reno,

but hell what do I know?

I’ll bet she’s in Vegas,


it’s not so damn funny

she’s showing her honey

just for gambling money


I’d thought it was over

I’m no longer her lover

she should be a waitress


the break up was bloody

she told me quite bluntly

she’s a horny young junkie


I’m just a broke drover

a  hungover old loner

and without her I’m sober


so right then I said no

you’re not getting my dough

this time we are through


she screamed and she cried

she pleaded and lied

and my love just died

she can rot in Vegas

and never call me again


P1040766words and pictures by jack collier

One response

  1. Make the choices that will make YOU healthier and happier ALWAYS. 😊


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