My Private Journal


These days I keep a journal.  A careful note of things I have to do in the future, and a daily record of what I have actually done.  My journal is where I set down my plans, thoughts, and innermost emotions.  It is about people, relationships, and events.  It is about the road behind me and the road ahead.  It is about the road less travelled.

My journal is a written record of what happens in my mind.

My journal is not a to-do list.  There are hundreds of tasks I could, should, or must carry out every day, but I cannot plan them all in advance.  I cannot write them all in my journal.  If I do not take these daily tasks one at a time, as they happen, and let myself pass through the day slowly and evenly ~ like the grains of sand passing through the narrow neck of an hourglass, then I will surely break in body, mind, and spirit.

Daily life goes on in an unremarkable way.  What I need to write in my journal are the remarkable, powerful, and meaningful things.  Only that way can I learn how to be a better man tomorrow than I was today.

The saddest thing about my journal is the days on which there is no entry at all.  For, on those days I was too sick in body, mind, and spirit to accomplish anything.  From those blank pages I can learn nothing ~ except that I am imperfect.

The prayer in my journal is;  Teach me how to learn.



2 responses

  1. We all have gaps in time that are blank. I have gap in time I never be able to account for. Live for here & now . We are not allowed to change our future what ever it may be. The rules are set in stone. We mess with Mother Nature we be in big trouble. So take one day at time. Hope we see next day as peaceful as day before.

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  2. Empty pages
    blank as they seem
    have too many pain
    or work that was done again
    was too tired
    was too sore
    not mentioned as before

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