love has taken hold of me



If you have been following this blog, then you will know that from tome to time my opinions have gone though aggressive, arrogant, certain, condescending, contemptuous, disdainful…, just fill in the rest of the alphabet and it’s all there.

This is the very last apology I will ever make.  For everything bad that has gone before I am sorry.  I apologise to the world, in public.  Especially I apologise to America.

The fact that I have the IQ of a rocket scientist, the smarts of Captain Kirk, and the charm of a kitten forgives nothing.

So, I’m a reformed axe murderer.  How will that impress you?  Don’t run away from me.

You will have to wait until tomorrow to see what Mr. Hyde becomes when love has taken hold of his heart.

Deep in my soul I am a changed man.




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  1. Love always wins ☺🌷

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  2. You’re human. You can’t apologize for that. xo I like your many facets…it makes you feel real. Besides, I don’t take you at your word or believe everything you write, right?

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  3. What a beautiful beginning for the man you will become. ❤

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