Food on Friday # 32 ~ BBQ

When an average Englishman has a BBQ he usually makes a mess of it ~ unless he’s roasting a whole animal on a spit.  (I can’t even spell barbecue without looking it up.). However, I know the rest of the English-speaking world likes to have a BBQ, so here are some ‘cool’ recipes for things to ‘throw on the barbie’ (as our Antipodean Cousins would have it).

(All men think they can grill a great steak ~ so no steak recipes here.)

We start today with a recipe from the lovely Averie Sunshine at Averie Cooks.  Normally I would go a long way to avoid chicken wings of any description, but these baked spicy barbecue chicken wings look very appetising.


Baked Spicy Barbecue Chicken Wings

For me this is a fabulous dish from Real Simple ~ lobster tails with cilantro butter.


Lobster Tails With Cilantro Butter

From Chungah, (aka Damn Delicious), I can offer you these easy Korean short ribs, which are a 10 minute recipe…  So maybe my friend from Orange County will like this dish…Personally I like my short ribs pretty well done…


Easy Korean Short Ribs

I don’t think we can do a feature on BBQ without one burger, at least, so from Pittsburgh girl Jessica, (How Sweet It Is), we have this bbq havarti burger with curly sweet potato fries.  (I had to look up Havarti, turns out it’s a soft cheese… well there you go.)

BBQ Havarti Burger With Curly Sweet Potato Fries

This looks nice from Heather Christo, bbq turkey with blackberry jalapeno sauce ~ my friend from Southern California may like this too, I know she loves jalapeno chillies.

blackberry turkey

BBQ Turkey With Blackberry Jalepeno Sauce

This HAS to be my favourite recipe this week.  Until I saw this from Tieghan Gerard, I had never heard of cooking on a BBQ grill by placing the food on a cedar plank.  But, now I’ve seen this cedar plank salmon with watermelon feta salsa from Teighan’s site Half Baked Harvest, this is something I must try the next time I’m in California ~ that’s if my friend will let me.  As I said, I’m an Englishman, and my friend knows I’m terrible at a BBQ.


Cedar Plank Salmon with Watermelon Feta Salsa

Australians do like to barbecue.  Ros from the Perth Hills in Western Australia, (aka Cooking Up The Pantry), has a nice and easy recipe for barbecued prawns with smoky chipotle butter.  Two greatingredients in this recipe are the garlic, (add more), and the smoked paprika, (be careful), my friend in Orange County likes both of those…


Barbecued Prawns With Smoky Chipotle Butter

I’m pretty certain Petra,  (Food Eat Love), is a London girl, but she can cook.  Here’s her barbecue with quinoa salad and refreshing coconut water drinks.  (You know what?  I’ve never eaten quinpa ~ I must get out more).


Barbecue With Quinoa Salad And Refreshing Coconut Water Drinks

At a barbecue most people will drink beer.  But, given that I’m no longer allowed booze, here’s a refreshing alternative; fresh mint limeade from Jessica at how sweet it is.  I have to try this.

Fresh Mint Limeade

Thank you to all the cooks featured in this week’s Food on Friday.

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  1. What a perfect round up an thank you for placing me in such illustrious company! Have a great weekend! Weather allowing it might be time for the first BBQ of the year! 🙂

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