Retraction and Apology



A few days ago I wrote a post entitled What’s in a Name?  In this post I was quite rude and dismissive of all things America and Americans.

I unreservedly apologise for most of the content of this post.  I would also like to say that I like America, I like most Americans, and I absolutely love some Americans.  As you can see I also like the Ford Mmustang and road trips in California.

If you think this is a sudden volte face, then maybe you should also read a post I also wrote quite recently Sometimes I Act Insane.

There is no excuse for the things I wrote in my post criticising America and Americans.  However, there was a reason for my negativity ~ if I feel threatened I act insane.

Luckily I think I have found a way to lay the deep, dark, demons created by my chronic fear of abandonment ~ go back in time and put things right.  Perhaps read another of my recent posts Letter to Myself ~ aged four and threequarters.  I never believed this kind of self-help magic worked, in fact I was a complete sceptic ~ but now I do believe some of the things I have been told, and the world seems a better place.

Please accept my sincere apology, and assurance that I won’t make this kind of stupid, nasty, vicious mistake again.



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  1. Well said, sir. You’ve got class.

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  2. realization and then a formal apology.. Bravo!

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  3. Sometimes we can be insensitive, this is usually from ignorance and we need a boot in the posterior, but maybe next time someone uses the wrong word, you not blame an entire nation. I think you realize that now and it takes a big man to to apologize.

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    1. Thank you. Coming from you, that means a lot to me.

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      1. We’ve been friends a long time – I wouldn’t turn my back on you for one angry post – that’s for sure!!

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  4. Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs | Reply

    We all have our moments of sheer insanity, then clarity makes her way through! As previously said…We Love You and your fabulous works. Hang in there and chin up!

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  5. Loved you then. Love you now. 💋

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    1. Thank you Sweetheart. xoxoxo

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  6. A Floating Speck | Reply


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