Why do I go to extremes?



I am an ‘all or nothing man’.

For me, things are either black or white.

Life is either paradise, or living in a garbage can.

It’s never morning or evening, it’s either day or night.

I am either as warm as a loving hug, or as bitter cold as ice.

It makes life hard, difficult, and painful, so why do I go to extremes?

They say it’s Borderline Personality Disorder, well there’s a bloody surprise.

But, I should remember that shit happens, and not take everything so to my heart.


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2 responses

  1. People when pure..they like truth and clarity ..that should not be a reason to feel odd. Those who have lost the black and white concept have many grey zones of confusions , where things happen and never get categorized..bad or good..yet..the transition in time should be acknowledged if not recorded..

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  2. Nothing never straight forward .
    Nothing black or white.
    Some say things might be paradox out there.
    You must find right meaningful path of life that suits your life style Hun. That makes sense

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