What’s in a Name?

P1040480Right now I despise America and all Americans.  A little while ago I was asked if I was a Brit.  What kind of a question is that? What kind of a word is ‘Brit’ anyway?  Dictionaries define ‘Brit’ as a British person, so presumably ‘Brit’ is a contraction of British.  Well, as it happens I don’t even define myself as British, let alone as a Brit.

Ask a Scotsman, or Welshman, what nationality they are and Brit or British won’t even get a mention.  The Scots and Welsh are proud of their heritages, and rightly so.  I am equally proud to be an Englishman, and if you want to call me a Brit, then be aware that we English have a range of derogatory terms for the natives of every other country on this Good Earth.

I speak partly in jest.  ‘Brit’ is a term in fairly common usage among the bastard nation Americans, so any Yank calling me a Brit may be, (mostly), forgiven.  Americans are to be forgiven for being  uneducated, unwashed, and uncouth.

What should not be forgiven is that Americans have come to believe that English actually belongs to them, and most ‘Septics’ make no effort to grade their speech according to the ethnicity of the listener.  This is a gross insult to every other English speaking nation on Earth.  In my bitter experience, Americans are crude, raw, and barely literate.

As it goes, every English speaking nation, and within nations every region, has its own unique vocabulary.  Any student of English, any writer, any true Renaissance Man, will relish the differential vocabularies and shades of meaning offered by the English language.  Proper English / English has over 250,000 words, (some say more than one million words), of which around 25,000 are in common usage.  My personal vocabulary is estimated at 40,000 words, (for example, rhadamantine is not in common usage).

However, most English words have multiple meanings ~ especially when used by different nationalities.  One good example is the word ‘fanny’ which means two totally different parts of the anatomy when used by an Englishman as opposed to an American.  (Some English words are a gross insult, unsuspected ny the mostly uneducated Americans ~ for example pleb.)

There is some argument as to who actually coined the phrase; ‘two nations divided by a common language.’  But here is no doubt in the truth of that saying.  Any nation who thinks Las Vegas and casual sex is ‘fun’ does not deserve to speak proper English.



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  1. […] few days ago I wrote a post entitled What’s in a Name?  In this post I was quite rude and dismissive of all things America and […]

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  2. Wow! I’m feeling a little “iffy” about being American at the moment.
    I completely agree with you about Vegas, though…it’s one place in this county I have absolutely no desire to step foot in.
    As for language, yes, we’re rough around the edges…but for me it’s a dialect thing. Different parts of the country use words and phrases unique to the geographic area. Colloquialisms are present in all English speaking countries.
    One of mine just happens to be “y’all”. Might make me seem a ‘tad’ illiterate. I don’t actually care. It’s in my personal lexicon because of where I was raised. No shame in my southern heritage game.
    Hopefully the “Yanks” will stop rubbing your “Brit” self the wrong way. Maybe you just need a dose of good old fashion southern hospitality? A big ol’ glass of sweet tea? 😉

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  3. Sorry you feel that way my friend. I know you are hurting, just don’t take it out on those that don’t deserve it. Feel my arms around you, holding you tight through your troubles, even though they are American arms. xoxo

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  4. We are either clearly loved OR despised, succinctly sung OR excoriated. You Brits have been done a real sifting-kindness in that, for many of us Yanks are on year 52 of the Prince Charles warm-up period. (For the record, I even like Camilla.)

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  5. You’re right about a lot of this and I agree with most…except the part about casual sex…it IS fun when done correctly. 😂😎

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  6. What about Las Vegas sans casual sex? No? How very puritanical of you. Like Cotton Mather elected (see what I did there?) to reincarnate upon a distant shore 🙂

    Happy Wednesday, Jack.

    Ya’ ponce!

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  7. Hahaha! LOL.. okay, this WAS funny Jack! You tickled my funny bone 😀 😀

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