Affection and Friendship


dreams and seascapes

a true friendship

is based on mutual affection

and trust in one another

Jack Collier

5 responses

  1. i love the ocean
    the waves the sand
    the feeling of vastness
    huge empty land
    the sound the breeze
    the freshness that heals
    as the waves touch my feet
    I go bit deep..digging like heels
    to you me..
    sun..light clouds..rains to see 🙂
    Love the nature
    as nature loves me

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  2. I adore your ocean photos.
    From what I can tell, anyone you experiences true friendship with you is fortunate indeed.

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    1. I have faults, and I fall, but I try and I get up again.

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      1. What else can you do? ❤

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  3. Simple and sweet. When you have the chance, your feedback would be greatly appreciated at Gastradamus. Check out The Bald and the Brestless or The Black Whopper, The Angry As Strikes Back. The ocean is ao beautiful.

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