Speaking the Truth in Love


Mores and Precepts I Must Live By

what is love?

love is life

without love

there is no life

After my return from the outer darkness, and partial recovery from misery and suffering in body, mind, and spirit, I have taken to meditation.  In a deep meditative state I realised that I have never been true to my own self, nor to my own standards.

Never in my whole life have I been truly honest, moral, principled…  Never in my entire life have I been the courageous, honourable, unswerving man I professed to be.

Hence, these are the mores and precepts I must now live by in truth

Time is valuable, it is all I have to give.

Friendship is not a bargain.

Do not confuse Desire with Love.

Trust knows no limits.

Love is unconditional, (including my love for myself).

My first reaction to my own decision to write and publish this list was that these self-evident truths were too difficult, that there must be an easier, softer, way.  However, for this man, there are no other choices.

On reflection, this is the clearer pathway, because these are all yes / no conditions.  I am either your friend, or not.  I either trust you completely, or I don’t trust you at all.  I either love someone, or I don’t.

My path to being the man I should always have been is clear.  I’ve written it above in five lines, in simple words even I can understand.




6 responses

  1. Fine line in life. When having to walk the fine line is hard .trusting your own inner balance & focus, you get to where ever your true self will guide you.

    Good luck with your quest .

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  2. I remember you reading and commenting on my cherry pie, high heeled shoes, and unconditional love…
    You said: Apart from the high heeled shoes, which are better on you than me, I wish I was as loved as you love that little girl.
    You are beginning to love yourself unconditionally! It may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But when you truly learn to do it, the other mores and precepts will fall into place!
    I’m sending you love and light for your journey. ❤

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    1. Your kindness overwhelms me.

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  3. Even when the paths are clear, they aren’t easy. But, if you follow, you will reach your goal. I’m here cheering you along the way, my friend. 🙂

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    1. Thank you my friend, your words and thoughts mean so much to me. Sweetheart, I am always uplifted by you.

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      1. That just made me smile. 🙂

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