Food on Friday # 25 ~ Bar Snacks

If you frequent the Best Bar in the World, then maybe, just maybe, you will be offered snacks as good as these.

But these dishes are also great to serve for a gathering of friends, or just to take out into your yard / garden and chill out with a beer or a glass of your favourite tipple.

From Heather Christo we have these great looking sunrise nori wraps with spicy tahini drizzle; I know my friend in SoCal will love these with an appropriate beverage…


Sunrise Nori Wraps with Spicy Tahini Drizzle

Heather also has this almond ricotta, pea mint puree and caramelized onion prociutto crostini recipe, which I really like the look of, (even though the name is a bit long).


Almond Ricotta, Pea Mint Puree and Caramelized Onion Prosciutto Crostini


Tieghan Gerard, (aka Half Baked Harvest), has something I’d like to try with maybe a Tiger Beer, (except I only drink water these days).  It’s these interesting Korean pineapple pork lettuce wraps.


Korean Pineapple Pork Lettuce Wraps


From Petra at Food Eat Love I offer you this scallop with mango and spring onion salsa recipe.  Scallops are so fast and easy to cook, and is there any better shellfish?


Scallop With Mango and Spring Onion Salsa


For a different scallops dish, Chung-Ah Rhee, (aka Damn Delicious), has these great bacon scallops with garlic butter sauce.  (OK this was a Valentine recipe, but so?)

bacon scallops

Bacon Scallops With Garlic Butter Sauce


If you’re looking for something more substantial, but still finger-food, then Elise at Simply Recipes has this great lemon chicken dish.  This will go great with a really sharp beer.


Lemon Chicken


For a sweeter vegan alternative, Kate from Cookie + kate has these tropical mango spring rolls with avocado-cilantro dipping sauce, (and cilantro is still called coriander in England).


Tropical Mango Spring Rolls With Avocado-Cilantro Dipping Sauce


So, these aren’t just bar snacks, these are some of the best bar snacks you could ever get.  If your idea of a bar snack is some stale peanuts or pretzels, then maybe it’s time to up your game.  A big thank you to the great cooks featured this week.

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  2. I love your collection of recipes, absolutely mouth watering! 🙂

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  3. Might try the lemon chicken 1 day . That looks nice .😀

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