teach me how to learn



and after all this time

I have a strange new feeling

even though it’s the same

as all the feelings before

and I don’t know how

or even the why of it

but for the now of it

I know I need you more

and that it’s right for us

to be friends a while

I like this strange new feeling

because at least now

you can teach me how to learn


P1020817words by jack collier


pictures by the girl riding shotgun


4 responses

  1. This one is quite beautiful Sir. Learning is the key, isn’t it? xo

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    1. Some of us men are so dumb about some things we need to be taught how to learn.

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    2. Sir, we ALL have SO MUCH to learn over our lifetime. Sometimes we have to learn the same thing over and over and over again because we continue to change all the time. As long as we continue that learning process, we continue to find happiness. xo

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