Alternative Living # 6 ~ Space

Woman-taking-off-weddingWhen I decided was forced to downsize my life, I also needed to downsize the space I was trying to exist living in.  I had to reduce my footprint.  I needed money for more interesting things than where I spent the night.  Only sad people are freeloading on sofas.

How much space do you want?  How much space do you need.? I know a few single people living in 3 bedroom homes, (of a couple of thousand square feet), where one, (or more), of the bedrooms is just a place to store junk.  (That’s in addition to the garage, which for most women is also a place to store junk.)

The biggest 5 bedroom home I ever owned was just less than 4,000 square feet, and that’s a lot of unused space when I mostly lived in aeroplanes and hotels.  You know what?  I never felt comfortable in that place. The garret is a tenth of the size of that baby mansion, and I am extremely comfortable and at home here.

Remember, if you want to change the way you live, then one of the things you want is a lot of spare cash to waste on interesting things, and square footage costs money.  By the time you add the mortgage, taxes, power, decorating, furnishing, paying for a cleaner…  square footage costs a lot of money.

pix-Austin_Healy_Sprite_1962The smallest place I have ever lived, for any length of time, was an Austin Healey Sprite sports car ~ and I cannot recommend living in your car, unless the other alternative is living on the street, (which I have also tried).  I lived in an hotel for quite a while, and that room, (including bathroom), was about 70 square feet.  (Trust me, I’m a draughtsman, I can do square footage by eye and memory.)  Add in a kitchen area and I could have lived for 3 months in a home of 100 square feet.  If you can live in a place for 3 months you can live in it forever.

Come to think of it, when I first bought the land for a trailer park, I lived in a touring caravan, (travel trailer), for several months, which was most likely about 72 square feet.

168Therefore, I contend that a single person can make a perfectly reasonable home in 100 square feet, or maybe a little more, say 168 sq ft.  The trick is to use the rest of the world as part of your home.  Do not entertain, do not do your laundry, do not necessarily shower…, in your home.  The outside world is a big place, use it.

The question is ~ are you a true Renaissance Man, do you want to spend all your salary on where you live, or do you want a life?

I have a guideline rule, rule #2 nobody is allowed into the garret.  All other people ever do is use up your space.  That applies doubly to women.  All women need a lot of square footage ~ women carry around a lot of clothes, shoes, personal crap, mess, stuff, junk they’ve bought at thrift stores, more stuff, more junk…

Be a man, learn some trades, build your own place, keep your women out of it.



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  1. We moved from 1800 ft sq to 860 ft sq. We need a storage facility for the Christmas stuff, the IRS records (elect Cruz and I won’t need that stuff), and junk discarded from the home. I have written about my dilemmas in “Shredded Me.” I lived in a college dorm in one bedroom, with sink and WC attached, at Cambridge U. Quite nice. But what about all my books? Ay, there’s the problem. My wife tries to get me to discard, but it is so difficult. My current Man Cave has me, the TV, my airplane collection, DVDs, CDs, computer desk, hide-a-bed/guest room couch, my closet which has my dresser inside, shelves and racks for clothes and shoes. Windows. And it is sweet. I have adjusted. Book cases are in the living room.

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  2. Which ever lucky woman you allow in your life. She be very lucky lady.

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  3. You are my ideal woman. Damn shame you’re already taken. I can still want you from a distance, and I can still think you are so ‘cool’.

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  4. Like hell women need a lot of square footage. 🙂
    My husband and I live in a 3-bedroom home with a 2-car garage. His shit takes up 2 bedrooms (I refuse to let him in the 3rd–mine), all the garage (have to park in driveway), plus a humongous storage building.
    I would love a smaller house–and all of his useless stuff pitched in the trash.

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    1. My crap is all stored in a ‘friend’s’ garage. Tools, bits of cars, timber, pieces of homes, more tools… The last time I went in there was to get crap to rebuild another ‘friend’s’ kitchen. So I guess I’m guilty too.

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      1. Nice of your friend to store your stuff. My husband is a hoarder, so I do well to keep most of the house livable. We all have stuff, but I could throw away a lot of mine and not at an eye. My husband, though, would come unglued.

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  5. You are painting all women with a fairly broad brush. I love the idea of living simplified. We are currently working on downsizing a bit ourselves, with plans to go quite a bit smaller in the future when the final offspring is out of the house. I agree, it’s not where you live, but how you live. 🙂

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