Lenten Character Reformation



Lent is a Christian Festival ~ sometimes I don’t feel filled with Christian charity, and I will remedy that.  For Lent this year I am giving up some of my most cherished character defects.

Between February 10th and March 24th I will not inflict my dangerously negative feelings upon anyone.

Among the things I will not be doing during Lent are that I will not be;

  1. abusive
  2. angry
  3. arrogant
  4. censorious
  5. controlling
  6. cunning
  7. cynical
  8. devious
  9. disapproving
  10. dishonest
  11. dismissive
  12. hypercritical
  13. jealous
  14. lewd
  15. manipulative
  16. misanthropic
  17. reproachful
  18. scheming
  19. superior
  20. unscrupulous
  21. volatile

(Please feel free to tell me of any other unpleasant defects of character you would like a less than perfect man to lose.)

Only an inherently evil man like Mr.Hyde, (or an unreconstructed alcoholic), would be pleased to give free rein to actions which stem from those negative character traits.  If I feel any of these vile and malevolent emotions and impulses, I will work very hard at not letting them show.

Actually, I am not going to do anything about those nasty, abusive, and negative character defects.

Instead, I am going to be positive and affirmative, calm and peaceful, honest and honourable.  I shall walk softly and speak kindly.  I will strive to become the perfect English Gentleman.

Also, I shall stay off the booze.



7 responses

  1. I say keep the part about staying off the booze, but reevaluate the rest. If you were really all those things, I wouldn’t be here. 🙂

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    1. Some say that I am being very hard on myself in this post. Perhaps they are right.

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      1. We are always hardest on ourselves. However, you are the only one that can accept you for who and what you are. The rest of us can only watch from afar and wish you the very best. 🙂

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  2. I love that your “not to do” list is alphabetized! The dork in me is clapping like a little girl!
    I have concerns that you’re a bit hard on yourself, but as I only know your writing I’ll trust you know better than I on that score.
    My favorite part is how you decide to focus on what you’re going to do instead of what not to do.
    Your hard work will be the best gift you will ever give yourself. Please remember to treat yourself with kindness though.
    You’re an inspiration, even if you don’t feel much like one.
    I’m sending positive energy for your peace and positivity.

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    1. Thank you for your positive and peaceful energies. I find it hard to accept, understand, and forgive anyone. I find it even harder to accept, understand, and forgive myself. But, I’m working on it. xoxoxo

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      1. That difficulty forgiving makes sense to me. I’m not a big “forgive and forget” kind of girl.
        Acceptance is something I actively practice each and every day. It has made a big difference in the way I see myself and others in the world. I may not ever be completely able to accept or forgive myself for my faults, so I’m feeling you with that.
        You keep swinging, Jack. You’re going to hit it out of the park.

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  3. Great post, Jack. I didn’t realise there were so many character flaws. I usually ball them up into one: Just awful. Please stay healthy for Lent. Best wishes.

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