the agonies of adoration



when a man thinks he loves a woman


he will be disappointed, denigrated, manipulated

betrayed, ignored, exploited, demeaned, destroyed, invalidated


in vain he keeps on trying

in stygian depression he feels like crying

in obsidian darkness at midnight he feels like dying


P1030624words and pictures by jack collier

 (this poetry form of;

one, two, and three line stanzas

is called a cherita.

it’s more narratvive than

the impressionistic haiku.)

4 responses

  1. Sad words, nice pictures and form that I’ll have to try on for size.

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  2. It should be, when a woman thinks she loves a man. It is interesting how I thought that men had the game all won, hands down. Of course, this is a fictional poem, right Jack? xoxo

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    1. Oh fictional… So it isn’t brutal self-honesty… Not much…

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      1. Glad to hear it, Jack. xo

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