Real Celestial Navigation

All Life on Earth springs from sunshine, tides, and seasons.


All Life on Earth is governed by the Sun, the Moon, and the stars.

At night most men can reliably find their Pole Star, which in the Northern Hemisphere is Polaris.  If you can find the pole star you can travel in any direction you wish.  In daylight it’s easier, all you need to find north / south is sunshine and a stick, although a watch does help.

Why would anyone need any of this when we have satellite navigation?  You will know if ever your batteries fail.  Even the Navies of the world are going back to teaching celestial navigation.

aries-ramBut there is more to it than that.  Our very personalities may well be driven by the relative positions of the sun, moon, and the stars.  I would bet that everyone reading this knows their star sign.  Mine is Aries, and I am an archetypical Aries.; selfish, quick-tempered, adventurous, impulsive, foolhardy…  Almost every guy and all the woman I know are fairly typical of their star sign’s supposed character traits.

How does that work?  Damned if I know.  It could be gravitational, day-length, cosmic rays, or the etherial spirituality of the cosmos…  One thing I can guarantee, a real astrologer can tell almost everything about you if they know the time, date, and place of birth.

There are some fundamental questions we could ask ourselves;

Should I be able to read a map?

Do I always need to know where north is?

Is it only very stupid people who rely on satellite navigation systems?

Should I make a habit of asking women what their star sign is before I date them?

When my personal astrologer makes a prediction, do I need to take it seriously, or can I safely ignore her?

Ask yourself, is the truth really out there?



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  1. 2 interesting star signs coming together on mutual terms on neutral ground. Still have fun together . Trust me put 2 sagittarius together you need crash helmet and peace flag up.

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  2. I have never chosen a partner or friend based on their star sign. However, I do find the personality traits fascinating. I’m a Sagittarius. Are we able to be friends? 😉

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    1. Two fire signs, Ares male and Sagittarius woman, can sometimes have an intense friendship.

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      1. Ooh!! Intense is Good!! Let’s do THAT!! Although, two fire signs, do we risk burning down someones house? 😉

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