Old Ladies in SoCal

Mature Englishmen are very sentimental creatures.  We like older things.  We call inanimate objects She, devote endless time and money toward their well-being, and pat their flanks affectionately when no one is looking.  That doesn’t ever stop us wanting to play with someone else’s boat, aeroplane, lathe, workshop, or car.  I love this Buick.


We don’t get Buicks in England, anyhow a car this big would not fit on an average European road ~ think small and twisty.


I have no idea what this cool sports car is ~ although the girl riding shotgun told me it was a Ford Thunderbird.


Because of our cold, damp, salty air in England, an older classic needs to be looked after every second of every day.  Left outdoors in England, this early GMC would have turned into a pile of scrap by now.


In England, rust is the bugbear for unprotected and untreated metal.  This Lincoln Continental was completely rust free.


It’s amazing to me how inexpensive some of these cars are.


A classic in England costs a lot more than you would think, to buy, run, and maintain.  Although I’m not certain I would drive a purple, (cerise), car, this one is certainly eye-catching.  We don’t see the Cadillac XLR coupe in England so often.

Camperpictures by jack collier


4 responses

  1. Boys and their toys. 🙂

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    1. The older we get, the more expensive our toys become.

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      1. Yes, Sir. Our most expensive toys keep us warm and hold our hands. 🙂

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  2. I want a set for Christmas. The gentleman and of course the vintage car.

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