There is a City in Southern California named Encinitas.  It is by the beach.  Take Interstate 5 and it’s 80 miles south of where I was staying, somewhere near Santa Ana.


It means something special to a girl I know.  She took me there, and I acted like a jerk because I was jealous that she went there with a special guy before me.


He must have been a great guy to have won such a fabulous girl such as she.  He served his flag and all I ever got to be was a snot-nosed officer cadet.


We had a great day at the beach, then I spoiled it all because I wouldn’t eat sushi.  As I said, I acted like a jerk.


This pathetic English fool wouldn’t even get into the Pacific Ocean.


Since then I have gone on being a jerk.  Perhaps if I try hard enough she will still want to be my friend.  Perhaps I will go on trying for the rest of my life.

I hope this is not my sundown with her.




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  1. Once Upton time long ago . I told a friend in his life as it was but not now. Wasn’t allowed to show feelings. I explain everybody allowed have feelings . Called been human. Still he did not understand concept of what would mentally happen if not allowed all his feelings. I explain the Borg effect having all these human feelings is normal . That everybody allowed them as whole. Then explain with building blocks . Put every single Human feeling on them. Starting taking one by one away with each feeling what would to the blocks as human we crumble. As human we stronger with all our emotions . Than without them. Sometimes got to show we have emotion and feelings . Makes stronger inside .

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  2. nothing wrong with feels . If this great lady friend anything to go by. She be understanding be there for you no matter what. Especial when you got a lot mixed up feelings to sort out. If friends are anything to go by the meaning of the word. Sure they are all be understanding when having tough time. They not run away hide in hills.

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