Carson City

If, like me, you were brought up on a diet of John Wayne Westerns, with a dash of Gary Cooper and Errol Flynn thrown in, then Carson City sounds like a one horse mining town at the end of a dusty stagecoach ride.

You know what?  Driving through Carson City still feels like being in a place where the sherrif has to watch his back.  Carson City is a town where you put the top up on your Mustang and lock the doors.


I had a cheerful trip down to Carson… crossing the divide between Silver City and Spring Valley…  I felt a mighty inclination to party somewhere.  ~  Mark Twain.


Carson City is on the California one-ten, and if you have sense you will take that fast on the toll lanes and never drive through downtown Carson.

We’ll give him a fair trial, and then we’ll hang him legal…


I was happy that the girl riding shotgun scores a solid 10 on the being intimidating scale.


On a good day, I could pass for Gary Cooper, maybe…


Cooperpictures by

the girl riding shotgun

4 responses

  1. Wow . 😳Anyone that slept on UK street like that be moved on by the police. Painting on walls in the UK classed criminal offence get arrested for vandalism . . Guess different values .

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  2. What a fun trip you had. I’m jealous.

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    1. Maybe next time you would like to be the girl riding shotgun and taking the pictures.

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