California Route 74

It’s begins in Palm Springs, and it’s mostly called the Pines to Palms Scenic Byway, and Californian Freeway Drivers wouldn’t believe that a road like this exists.  Parts of California Route 74 remind me of Italy.  But then, for the most part California isn’t that much like Italy.


This is one time that a manual gearbox is a good idea in California ~ who wants an auto slush-pump anyway?



Should you ever happen to be driving California Route 74, stop at Paradise Corner.  They make a great burger and serve a good selection of cool beers.  The key to the restroom is a hoot.


If you find yourself here, I guarantee that you will have said hello to a cute biker chick.


Idyllwild Scrap Dragon


by jack collier

& the girl riding shotgun

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