PCH Scenes

Road trips are about wandering and adventure.  It isn’t about travelling from here to there as quickly as possible.  Stop a while and listen to the sound of surf breaking on the shore.  Trust in the magic of the universal moment.


From Dana Point in Capistrano Beach to the 101 at Leggett, the Pacific Coast Highway runs 655 miles along some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the USA.  It’s always worth breaking your journey to take in the sights…


The PCH is also known as California State Route 1 and the Cabrillo Highway.  Towards Pacific Palisades there are some seriously expensive and weird homes overlooking this busy road.


Talk about castles in the sky…


Down the road and the poor are always with us.  Sometimes it’s a relief to hit the freeway again.

P1020832pictures by jack collier

 & the girl riding shotgun





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