The West Under Threat

There is a vile and dangerous threat to the modern western world.  Those who pose this threat have no morals, ethics, or humanity.  They wish to impose their stone age version of warped ‘civilisation’ on the world by turning it into one monstrous Islamic fundamentalist caliphate.

Violence, repression, rape, mutilation, and murder is common currency to these snarling, smirking, revolting savages.  Their religion has nothing to do with their creed of indiscriminate destruction.  These dangerous, disgusting, loathsome deviants are destroying the religion they claim to follow.

BUFFHowever, there is an even more insidious danger facing Europe and the USA.  The danger is that the Civilised West will respond in kind.  (We have already had the welcome vapourisation of the Isis executioner, so-called Jihadi John.) President Obama condemns these horrific events in Paris as an ‘attack on all of humanity’.  How long before we see the BUFF’s in the air over the Middle East?

In the recent elections in Poland there has been a notable swing to the Right, with the left-liberal pro European Union elements shunned at the ballot box.  In the wake of yesterday’s horrific killings France has closed its borders.  In the UK David Prime Minister David Cameron’s chances of winning a vote to stay in the EU have taken a nose dive.  Ultra left-liberal Sweden has reimposed border controls.

And so it goes…  And all eyes turn to Germany….

with deepest sympathy for all those killed, hurt, and bereaved in France

3 responses

  1. we brought up, under the belief of their Heaven & Hell and what goes up must come down . In their case they going serious down to Hell😈

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  2. They have savage behaviour but they are not savages. They are radicalised human beings whose brains are focused on one thing above all others.
    We are not possesors of modern human thinking or clean slates brought up as good Christians.
    We carry a huge evolutionary baggage that in prehistory enabled us to survive the gruesome bloodshed of human developement.
    Once our brains lock on to an ideology or religious ideal our modern humanity disappears and we are beasts again.
    Once the evil has a grip of power it is impossible to remove except by force. Its how Hitler was removed and the only way to deal with Isis.
    Civilisation is an infant and could easily slip back into the dark ages.

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  3. 2 wrongs don’t make anything right but in this case .let me press the button blow whole lot up 😈.

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