It Never Rains In Southern California

On a road trip, you need a girl next to you, if only to take the pictures.

It never rains in Southern California.


Let me tell you, cold, grey, wet, Atlantic and North Sea rain falls relentlessly in England.  Or maybe it only seems that way.  I get rain here about 10 days a month, every month of the year, but in summer Anaheim  gets almost no rain.  On contrary, England is wet here today.


I am not even certain wherein Southern California this bar is, (not due to overmuch falling-down water), but it’s close to Anaheim.  Look forward to a series of lighting fixture shots.


Anaheim isn’t the prettiest place in ‘So Cal’ but it isn’t as brutal as L.A.  For pretty, try Big Bear, Palm Springs, or the Yucca Valley.  Encinitas isn’t my favourite place, although the beach is good and sunset over the pacific is stunning.  Encinitas is too near Camp Pendleton, it’s a Navy town, something bad may happen to you there, like she may want you to eat sushi.  Englishmen don’t eat sushi.

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  1. Hope you’re enjoying the So Cal visit, which is in my neighborhood. 😎

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    1. I adore So Cal, the sun going down over the Pacific is lovely. The women are lovely, the bars are fabulous, the sushi I can leave alone.


      1. That’s great. As for the sushi I’ll let you slide…provided you at least gave it an honest try.

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  2. I hope you are enjoying your visit. I have a feeling that you need a girl next to you, whether you are on a trip or not. 🙂

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    1. A warm woman is always what a real man wants next to him. You could be the the woman in my bed any day. I know you could satisfy me with your body and mouth.

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      1. That is so tempting. However, I climb in no bed without my husband’s permission. He doesn’t want to play, but he does like to watch. 😉

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      2. I have never had a Man watch, or play with a guy, for you I would whatever you liked. Love is funny, I love Missemeliaandsir, kiss me. say I am silly, hunger for me as I hunger for you, wed me,


  3. Deborah the Closet Monster | Reply

    I live in Long Beach and spent five years working in Anaheim. (I remain in the OC now.) Sometimes it tickles me how I wanted to return to LA … but now see the place a few times a year. It works just fine. I do wish there were more rain here, if by a little. I grew up in rain, and though I don’t want it ALL the time … sometimes is nice.

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    1. Rain is nice if it isn’t cold and wet. As it goes I like Brea, warm, sunny, relaxing.

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