Get out of Dodge

The Dodge Challenger I picked up at the airport was big, black and, even with the 3.6 litre V6, quite powerful.


Not the sort of car in which to run a red light, it looks like you have to be a cop to drive one of these things.  Also not the sort of car in which to get lost in a lonly Californian canyon.  Not having satellite navigation seemed like a sensible idea at the time, also not having a map, or directions, and just a vague sense of where I was heading.

Day one of my latest road trip was a long journey into nowhere.  Perfect start to the backroads of Califronia ~ perhaps I should have stayed on the freeway.  My excuse is that I had been travelling for a whole long day ~ almost 6,000 miles ~ and I was a little sleepy.

At least  I survived it.


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  1. Black and very cool & goes well with a lady in Red . Welcome back 😎👠👠


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