Road Trip Partnerships

Although it is usually good advice to lose one’s angst before getting behind the wheel of a Lotus 7.  Remember, you are not a number on a road trip.  Just shut up and drive.


On very rare occasions, one drives and wants to talk a little, although the more miles one has on the odemeter the less a real man is likely to want to talk.

And, there is idle chit-chat, and then there is conversation. Real conversation may drift from the athstetics of differing cloud formations to the underlying energies of the cosmos.

Whatever, if one is taking a road trip, the woman in the passenger seat has to be just that.  Face it, a guy who hasn’t got a female friend willing to discover the world at the end of the rainbow, needs to have a long, solitary, road trip to ‘find himself’.


A man on a road trip with another man along for company is as one-dimensional as a foggy day.  But, every now and then a man needs to be trans-dimensional, and take a long solitary drive to nowhere.

Guys, (and ladies), your road trip companionship is best coming from a woman.  This despite the constant complaining about everything…  (Not every girl complains all the time, and some women will share expenses, sometimes)


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  1. i hope this trip helps you to make peace with yourself . Be whole again. Make you into person you want to be. Take care out there. Regards robin.

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