Road Trip Synchronicity


There is something surreal about a road trip, a feeling of being detached from reality, of living in some kind of parallel universe.  The longer the trip goes on, the greater the feeling that out there lies a basic truth, and that all one needs to do is keep travelling…

It helps if one has a good car, the right landscape, and a good companion.


It also helps if you keep your luggage to a minimum.  Men can do a long road trip in an European sports car, and most women need to take more shoes…

I would advise a considerate guy to get a truck for his next road trip, their girl will no doubt be appropriately grateful.

Yet, there is no right way to take a road trip, the truth is out there, it will find you, however you travel.  You just have to go far enough, for long enough…


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  1. Am very glad you said “most women”. We are not all about the shoes. 😁

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  2. Just stay safe . Have great time . Regards Robin 💋

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