Free Water Pumping

P1020368The Hydraulic Ram may not always be what some people think it is.  A hydraulic ram is a free / low-cost method of pumping water from where it is to where you want it.  The hydraulic ram is a pump that uses flowing water / water under pressure / a head of water as its energy source.  This thing is sometimes also called a hydraulic ram pump.

hydraulicramA hydraulic ram can be made to work with the moving water in a stream / tidal flows / wave pressure, just as well as with any other moving water, or as in the diagram a head of water.  The hydraulic ram uses water pressure to pump water.

The major uses for a hydraulic ram pump are to irrigate gardens or to pump fresh / potable water to your green home.  One could buy a hydraulic ram off the shelf, or you build your own using some basic components and a lot of engineering ingenuity.  Personally, I wouldn’t use plastic components except for the delivery and output pipes.

The hydraulic ram pump has a number of benefits;

  • simplicity
  • reliability
  • sustainability
  • low-cost
  • no electrical works
  • no need for a petrol / gas / diesel engine
  • low noise

2source ram pumpOne can build a ram pump which uses a different water source for power than the water being pumped.  So we can use the sea to power a pump which is delivering fresh water from a spring.  However, in this case a better alternative may be a turbine or waterwheel powered pump.

If you have ambitions to live a greener lifestyle, or if you want to live off grid, then a hydraulic ram is another tool you can keep in your box for when it’s needed.


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