California Drought Scam

I am an expert on rain.  I live in England, where it rains a lot, and I have studied climatology, (together with a range of other specialities related to geography).

California is not suffering from a natural drought.  There has not been a period of abnormally low rainfall.  You still get rain clouds over the Yucca Valley.  As a whole, over the long-term, California gets an average 20 inches of rain per year.  Over the past 3 years an average of 13 inches of rain fell on California each year.  That isn’t a drought, it’s a little less rain than the average.

P1020119Clouds Over the Yucca Valley

Laguna Beach in Orange County, Southern California, to pick a town at random, has received an average of 12.73 inches of rain a year since 1928.  Taken over the last 30 years rainfall at Laguna Beach has averaged 14.38 inches.  On average, more rain is falling on California in recent years, not less.

Governor Jerry Brown is oblivious to what is going on outside his window, issuing increasingly draconian executive orders on urban water reduction.  He has called for fines of $500 a day for people watering their lawns and taking long showers.  As we say in England, ‘what a plonker‘.

The idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water every day, that’s just going to be a thing of the past. ~ Governor Jerry Brown

Personally, I think grass is a waste of space in the average garden, (yard).  There are far better plants for ground cover and landscaping.  Many easily available plants are native to California and drought tolerant.


California Poppies and Lupine.

The California climate has always included extended dry periods, therefore California’s water system is specifically designed to withstand a seven-year drought.  In 1862 – 1863 less than 4 inches of rain fell, and in 1863 – 1864 less rain than that fell.  The California cattle industry was wiped out.  But on the whole California survived, thrived, prospered.

The problem in California is not the climate or the weather.  The whole crisis has been manufactured by liberal environmentalists.  For example, the ‘Green Lobby’ has prevented the building of a single new reservoir or pipeline over decades, during which the population of California has doubled.  Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that doesn’t work.

The Green Extremists, the Sierra Club and the National Resources Defense Council, (NRDC), have lobbied so effectively that hundreds of billions of gallons of water a year are siphoned off for wildlife refuges and environmental causes.  Trillions of gallons of water are just dumped into estuaries and deltas to create the brackish water needed by a 3 inch fish called the delta smeltA recent survey of the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta found just 8 of these fish.  1.4 trillion gallons of water between 8 fish works out at a hell of a lot of toilet flushes per minnow.

ALMOND-TREEMother nature is just a scapegoat, not the culprit of California’s water shortage.  Environmentalists have carefully orchestrated this crisis.  Their goal is to remove 1.3 million acres of California farmland from production.  Most farming needs water, although one can farm on dryland if one grows suitable crops.  In fact there is a range of drought tolerant fruiting trees, and almonds use 25% less water than other fruiting trees.  Or, for another high value crop, lavender is very drought tolerant and California already has a perfume industry.

Even worse.  Instead of doing something practical, such as building a reservoir, California politicians are mesmerised by computerisation and advanced technologies such as behavioral sciences monitored using cloud computing.  That’s not really as effective as actually extracting and storing more actual water.

High profile environmentalists are dangerous, disingenuous hypocrites ~ flying thousands of miles a year in their executive jets to attend pointless conferences on global carbon reduction, where they stay in upscale hotels with their retinue of press and political retainers.  These environmentalists are either fools, poltroons, or cynical liars.

Environmental maniacs supported by State and Federal Government are the cause of the water shortage Black_beachin California.  The weather is not to blame.  If you really want to find someone to blame, then blame Al Gore, ably aided and abetted by President Obama and Governor Brown.

Anyhow, if the global warming maniacs were to have been believed, California would have been uninhabitable by now.


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  1. I am afraid you have the first post I can’t like. While I understand and agree with some points, I am afraid you are off base on others. The true problem in California is that they built the biggest, most populated cities in areas devoid of the quantity of water needed. I understand we are the superior species, but we can’t use that to wipe out others just because we can. The entire ecosystem is a delicate balance and I don’t think anybody has the correct balance figured out yet. However, I truly appreciate hearing your opinions. Discussion is the only way to solve any problem. 🙂

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    1. The complex issues surrounding the impact of Man on the environment and its ecosystems do not get discussed enough. Environmentalists have a habit of howling down anyone with an opposing view. For me, the phrase environmentalists sometimes use; ‘climate change deniers’ says it all. This is not a settled science by any means. I do appreciate your views.


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