Tears of a Fool


She says I never once understood

never thought of adoration

couldn’t show devotion

I didn’t really care

I didn’t love her


I would cry

if I really cared

I would be in despair

I would know utter dejection

despondency, pain, my blood runs cold


back to a bottle of booze, solace in solitary silence


P1010853words and pictures by jack collier

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3 responses

  1. Must be some strong feels , that drive man to booze . She must be very very special woman that can do that to a man.
    Down side is , long term booze someday might effect any man health.

    Is any woman worth your life? That question I be asking myself .


  2. Emotions come in many forms, and definitely sometimes in an emptied bottle. Your words are heavy. I suspect so is your heart.

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