Big Charity Disgusts Me

Third Sector Hypocrisy


These days I only give to one organised charity, my local hospice.  Lately I don’t even give that charity any money.  As I am de-cluttering my life I am busy donating my books, music and clothes to their thrift shop.  This is from a guy who once had several large monthly charitable donations coming straight out of his bank account.

Why the change of heart?

I firmly believe that Big Charity is an oxymoron.  I believe that these organisations are run by self-important charlatans who could care less about the cause they are supposed to serve.

To give you some evidence;

  1. Ninety-two years old Olive Cooke threw herself to her death in the Avon Gorge after saying that she, ‘couldn’t give any more.’  Olive had 27 ‘charities’ taking money from her bank account by direct debit.  Olive also received about 260 begging letters a month from big charities and had countless nuisance begging telephone calls from their call centres.  Any sane man knows you cannot pester a frail old pensioner like that.
  2. When you receive a nuisance call from a ‘charity’ it isn’t even from them.  These charities employ specialist call centres to telephone people on lists they buy from data collection firms.  The personal data of millions of UK charity supporters being traded for just 15 pence a name.  The staff in these call centres are under instruction to use strong tactics to get people to donate to the ‘charity’ they are working on behalf of that week.
  3. The senior executives of the large charities award themselves eye-watering remuneration packages.  30 charity bosses are paid more than £100,000.  Some charity bosses are paid more than the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister.
  4. All taxpayers are made to give to ‘charities’ whether they want to or not.  The UK ‘overseas aid’ budget currently stands at £11,400,000,000 per year.  This will increase by an extra £1 billion over the next two years under new European Union rules.  Most of this absurd sum is distributed via big charities.
  5. The bankrupt European Union spends about 6% of its total budget on its External Action Service, which gives money to organisations such as Oxfam.
  6. Even though ‘charities’ work with the downtrodden, the poor, the sick, the disadvantaged and the persecuted, there is no evidence that most charity workers share their hardships.

Every week it would change and we would call on behalf of a different charity.   …they actively encouraged us to harangue people and hound them and not to take no for an answer… ~ ex-call centre worker Lucy Draper

A large proportion of the money given to charities is wasted, misused or just stolen.  Charites do not care if their ‘giver’ can really afford their donations, a pensioner’s budget only stretches so far.  The charities’ own publication ‘the Third Sector’ shows just how sick these charity czars really are.

…it won’t stop right-wing newspapers and Tory backwoodsmen from continuing to carp on about top pay in big charities…. ~ Editorial in the Third Sector

I firmly believe that the charitable industry treats everyone with contempt, in which case they can do it without any voluntary donations from me.

Meanwhile, old age pensioners in England are struggling to make ends meet.


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10 responses

  1. People have sat on streets for hundreds of years with begging pot in hand. Some people have been really in need as generations of time passed these turn to con artists and charties and drug abuses who are trying raise the cash for next fix. Where does it stop? How do joe blog in street know who is real or fake. If in doubt just say No thank you and walk way.

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  2. Percentage of all charity funds goes towards admin charges never actually gets to where it really needed. Pestering little old ladies don’t know when to say no . Most kindest of people good nature in my view been well true abused. I hope the charities can sleep at night what they pestering fund raised has now lead to innocent old lady been pushed over the edge.

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  3. It’s so sad, isn’t it? It is better to find ways to be charitable on your own, and that’s really hard for some to do. I just volunteered at a wine auction to fund a free clinic. It was a great party. And think how much more money could have gone to the clinic if we’d just skipped the whole thing – but then people aren’t as generous. It’s an embarrassing catch-22.

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    1. You gave of your time, and that is the most precious thing you have. Kudos.


  4. Deborah the Closet Monster | Reply

    We have a few websites in the US that give detailed breakdowns of where our money goes when donated. I won’t donate to anything with a less than stellar rating for using funds almost wholly for (effective) action versus administrative overhead.

    I donated to the ACS before. Indeed, I ran a half marathon in my mom’s memory; between my siblings and I, we raised $5k. Then I saw that almost all that money went to administrative overhead and that they contacted donors relentlessly. I asked them not to call. I unsubscribed from their emails. Then, since they ignored both these things, I wrote a detailed letter explaining why I would never donate and what would happen if they didn’t immediately cease bugging me. I got one more email from them, and that was that. Sadly, many charaties take harassment as a fine strategy as it yields such good results.

    Not from me.

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  5. Oh how I agree! I will give to others directly and know where the money or donation went.

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  6. I completely agree with you. I also hate the ‘charity chuggers’ who hang around city centres and prey on people. I recently saw one of them trying to get money out of a Downes Syndrome man – the poor guy was being badgered and harassed by this person. Several years ago I gave a small sum for the tsuami relief and I was almost instantly bombarded by phone calls asking if I can give more – I was persecuted and had to eventually change my number.

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    1. Oh Gods! Charity Chuggers. I despise these people.


      1. I work in Leeds and there are often 2 or 3 lots most days…they are a menace. Some cities have banned them, I really wish Leeds would. I live in a small market town and they are starting to infiltrate us now as well, hanging around the square on market days. They are vermin.

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  7. Charity has become the big business of our time…..

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