Why Men Are Useless in Bed

Some men are hopeless lovers

Bad sex

Some feelings are disturbing, both for ourselves and for those around us.  The feeling that you are not a good lover can seriously hurt a guy.  The feeling that you are God’s gift to sex when you’re not can seriously upset your partners.

sleeping-with-makeupBut, and let’s be honest, men have some problems when it comes to lovemaking.  The worst of these problems is women.  Women can be fickle.  Women won’t always tell you what they want.  A lot of the time women don’t know what they want.  But, if you are suffering from woman problems, the chances are she is not really into you anyhow.

Remember, women are people too.  Women are not just sex objects.  If that’s all you want, then get  a blow-up sex doll.  If you are dating a real woman then talk with her.  Your bedroom is not the set of a porn movie.

The main problem guys have when it comes to hot sex is that a man can be over and done in a minute.  That doesn’t even give her time to think about getting into it with you.  Helping a woman to a hard orgasm takes time, patience, and skill.  There is a time and place for banging her, but not every single time.  And, falling asleep immediately afterward is quite likely to annoy your partner, a little.

drunk-manSometimes women suffer sex, don’t get turned on, wish it was over or they were somewhere else.  Usually this is because you are disgusting.  You smell, want her in positions she hates, you grunt, you call her by the wrong name, you’re drunk, you wipe yourself on her best bed linen, you trash her bathroom, you snore like a pig, your breath stinks.  Or, if she comes back to your place, and she wants to turn around and walk out because you live like a pig, the lovemaking will be bad.  If you ever invite a woman back to your place then have a clean bathroom and fresh bed-linen.  Trust me, the extra effort is worth it.

CASUAL-SEXIf you want to be a good lover then practice some basic hygiene.  Learn how to be considerate.  Learn how to really talk with women.  Don’t get blasted and expect her to enjoy your beer-breath.

Most importantly of all, learn how to kiss.  When you have just met a woman she does not want your tongue pushed into her mouth.  Slobbering all over a woman is usually not a turn-on for her.  Even if all a woman wants from you is meaningless sex, at least learn how to be good at it.  But, if all she wants is meaningless sex, the chances are she is a slut, so all of the above does not apply.  If you pick up girls in bars, and they have first date sex with you, none of the above applies either.


jack collier


3 responses

  1. Hahahahahahahaha….I needed a laugh. 😀 And, some men are just hopeless, lol. 😀 Thanks for that….

    Same page of music is always a good thing 😉 but don’t assume that if a woman knows what she wants that she is a slut and even if she is…never treat her as one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rule #1 Always treat a female like a lady. Be kind, considerate, charming ~ and safe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep. Exactly. And never talk conquests to other buds 😉


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