More Wind Farm Stupidity

There’s a part of the North Sea known as Dogger Bank.  It’s around 80 miles off the coast of North Yorkshire.  And, it’s there that the green obsessed British Government is planning to subsidise the building and operation of the world’s biggest wind farm.


The plan is for 400 huge wind turbines, each 600 feet tall, (Britain currently hosts 1200 wind turbines of all sizes), covering an area of 430 square miles, at an estimated construction cost of £8 billion.  Over the first 15 years the consortium responsible for these things can expect to receive £10.5 billion, ($16.25 billion), in taxpayer funded subsidies.  If my arithmetic is correct, that works out at a staggering £12,963.oo cost to each and every English household, (on average).

Dr John Constable, Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, said the size of the project is so big that it could alter the shape of the entire British economy.  Yes, the project might create 4,750 jobs, but each job will cost the taxpayer £147,368 in subsidies, every single damn year.

I worked in banking for 30 years, and if anyone had come to me with a proposal based on this kind of Marx Brothers economics I would have had my secretary show them out the door.

But then you wouldn’t expect idiot politicians such as Energy Secretary Ed Davey to have any grasp of Huhnerealworld economics, or even any common sense.  (The best you can say about Davey is that he isn’t as bad as his predecessor, the criminal, lying, philandering Huhne.)

I despair, I really do.



words and pictures by jack collier

2 responses

  1. Wind farms offshore are a magnitude dumber than wind farms onshore, which are off the charts dumb. Go nuclear and stop screwing around.


  2. There’s talk of three of these 600ft turbines at Seaton. They’ll be visible from Scotch Corner…

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