What is Wrong With Men

I agree with every word of this post. More or less, mostly…

Things To Talk About

I read a blog the other day that I found quite interesting. It was written by a fellow blogger that I follow, very interesting man and wonderful reads as well. The blog was ” What is wrong with women?” . Now , yes ,everyone is entitled to their own opinions , I am far from being perfect. I do not think there is a single person out in the world that is ” perfect” except for the man above. But really? That question could be reversed ya know. That is exactly what I decided to do.

” What is wrong with MEN?”, should really be the question here, don’t you think ladies? See.. men love us at first. At first we are always “beautiful” in the beginning, sexy,sweet,desirable,etc. We also get, ” Why are you putting make-up on? You are gorgeous without it. Oh yes, we are just God’s gift…

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