Empty Promises



Unfulfilled idle emptiness

Promises with no meaning

Blank empty nothingness

Resolutions with no intent

Wandering in purposeless

depression and futility

Everything is meaningless

hostile or indifferent

Aimless social interactions

with anonymous jealousies unspoken

Remembered empty promises

to change, this time, or else



words and seascape by jack collier



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  1. Hello again Jack, we seem to be working the same #blogboost shift this week posting about the same time. I like your style, two pictures, linked by the words, each one dependant on the other for meaning. Blog on.

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    1. I thought it was Annie Lennox ~ Cold, but it isn’t. It should have been, that’s a very inspirational track. When I find out which track it’s from, I’ll let you know.

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  2. That is a very good question. The answer is that I don’t know, not at a conscious level. Usually a line, or a word will come to me and the theme, poem, photographs build around that. This piece started with hearing a song with the word Emptiness in the lyric. Then, New Year is a time of resolutions, often broken. And, trust me on this one, there is no one better at breaking resolutions than a problem drinker / alcoholic. That is where this piece came from. The picture of the black beach is not a monochrome shot, it is a colour picture ~ the scene was utterly monochrome when I took the shot. Thank you for your question. Jack Collier.

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  3. Why did you write this?

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