Dawn’s Solitary Imaginings

Alone at Dawn’s Early Light


There is a time between midnight and dawn when the world holds its breath.

Those who are awake are mostly illuminated by the glow from a laptop screen.  They may have some humanity or they may be too involved in a game.  Some have to be reminded that there is a real world.

Before the early light of dawn turns night into day, the music of the night reaches to the deepest and darkest recesses of the soul.

Tenderness and compassion live here.

The only evil in the world is in the mind of man.

Man believes that it’s him against the world.

This is when a man grieves for his lost love.  This is when a man lies to himself and tortures with imaginings.  This is when men may turn to the bottle.

Eventually, with patience, the truth will emerge.  The truth is never as bad as our own imaginings.

The werewolves come and go at our own bidding.

We come to realise that we always knew the truth.

From there, it’s not far back to sanity and peace.


words and picture by jack collier


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