The Loneliness Of The Black Beach


There was a time I wanted to live by the sea, the Mediterranean.  Instead I found a place where the locals rake the coal-dust from black beaches.

solitary figure


There was a time I wanted to find a nice girl.  Instead I married a promiscuous hellion.

There was a time I wanted a sensible car.  Instead I built an insane Caterham Seven.

There was a time I didn’t want to be a banker anymore.  Instead I became an alcoholic bum.

None of this is as bad as following the dawn tide onto a beach made black by coal.

Pieces of coal the size of grains of rice are left by longshore drift.

A layer of precious coal on sand, to be gathered painstakingly by hand.

It’s a hellish way to keep the home fires burning.

It’s a hellish difficult way to make a living.


words and picture by jack collier

One response

  1. 😉 We make interesting choices in life. Living with the consequences may be the most hellish part in my opinion or it could be the desire of what one hasn’t done…but what do I know 😀 . Nice piece.


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